Update on the consequential SEC changes from Ofgem’s Switching Programme

9 October 2019

We published an initial draft of the consequential changes that Ofgem’s Switching Programme would have on the SEC in August. Since then, the design of the DCC interfaces has become clearer.

The high-level concept of obligations being removed from Registered Data Providers (RDPs) and placed on the Central Switching Service (CSS) remains unchanged. However, there is now further detail on how this will be accomplished. As such the draft text has been updated to reflect how the DCC will use certificates and other Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) provisions. Additionally, a new section on transitional arrangements has been included in Section E ‘Registration Data’ to allow for flexibility over the implementation approach.

The text is still in a draft state, but we welcome any feedback before these documents are included in Ofgem’s Autumn consultation. The file is available to download here, and is also available on the Consequential changes of the Ofgem Switching Programme page of our website. If you have any comments, please send them to us at sec.change@gemserv.com by 25 October 2019.