MP114 Alt HAN P2P Charging Data

Proposer David Lyons
Lead Analyst Harry Jones
Date raised 04/02/2020
Implementation date 7 May 2020 (June 2020 SEC Release)
Latest update This modification was implemented on 7 May 2020 (June 2020 SEC Release).

What is the issue?

The Smart Energy Code (SEC) details how the Alternative Home Area Network Company (Alt HAN Co) sets out its charging methodology and how they recover its costs in SEC Section Z ‘Alt HAN Arrangements’. Currently there are nine data items that Alt HAN Co are obligated to submit to the Data Communications Company (DCC) each year to help determine the value of these charges. Some of these data items aren’t wholly obtainable and therefore the DCC can’t accurately complete the calculation used to determine one of the main charges – the ‘average monthly incremental cost’. This results in DCC recovering charges from Supplier Parties that don’t match to the costs they incur. With the current text in SEC Section Z, the DCC will continue to inaccurately charge Supplier Parties.

What is the solution?

The text in SEC Section Z will be amended to ensure that the calculation used for the DCC recovering charges from Supplier Parties is fit for purpose and matches the charges they incur.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section Z 'Alt HAN Arrangements'

Modification documents

MP114 Conclusions Report
MP114 Modification Report Consultation responses
MP114 Modification Report Consultation
DP114 Modification Report
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