Service Desk

Has the meaning given to that expression in Section H8.19 (Service Desk).

The DCC shall ensure that a team of its representatives (the Service Desk) is available to be contacted
as follows:
(a) the Service Desk shall be contactable via the following means (to be used by Parties and
Registration Data Providers, to the extent available to them, in the following order of preference,
save as otherwise provided for in the Incident Management Policy):
(i) the Self-Service Interface;
(ii) a dedicated email address published on the DCC Website; and
(iii) a dedicated telephone number published on the DCC Website;
(b) the Service Desk can be used by Parties to seek resolution of queries relating to the Services
(provided that Users shall seek resolution via the Self-Service Interface in the first instance); and
(c) the Service Desk can be used by Incident Parties that are not Users to raise Incidents (or by Users,
where the Incident Management Log is not available via the Self-Service Interface, to raise or
provide information in respect of Incidents), which the DCC shall then reflect in the Incident
Management Log.

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