Interoperability Checker Service

Has the meaning given to that expression in Section H16.6 (Obligations of the DCC).

For the purpose of establishing a record of the Interoperability Data referred to in Section H.16.2(b)(iv),
each Supplier Party may provide the DCC, in such manner and in such form as may be specified by the
DCC, with a statement which:
(a) is in respect of each type of Smart Metering System which at that time constitutes an Enrolled
SMETS1 Smart Metering System at any premises;
(b) indicates whether the policy of that Supplier Party, if it commenced (at the date of the statement)
to supply premises at which that type of Smart Metering System was installed, would be, subject to
any exceptions identified by the Licensee in the statement, to operate it in Smart Mode; and
(c) is accurate and up to date.

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