BCDR Procedure

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Procedure.

Subject to Section H10.10, the DCC shall comply with the requirements of the Business Continuity and
Disaster Recovery Procedure for the purposes of ensuring so far as reasonably practicable that:
(a) there is no significant disruption to the provision of any of the Services by the DCC; and
(b) where there is any such significant disruption, the provision of those Services is restored as soon as
is reasonably practicable.
H10.10 Where, in the case of Disasters, taking a different course of action to following the BCDR Procedure
would (in accordance with Good Industry Practice) be a more effective course of action in order to
achieve the objectives set out in Section H10.9, then the DCC may take such steps to achieve such
objectives (rather than complying with the BCDR Procedure). Where the DCC takes a course of action
that does not comply with the BCDR Procedure, the DCC must inform the Panel as soon as possible
thereafter of the steps taken and the reasons why the DCC considered that they were more effective.

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