Additional Systems Integration Testing Objective [Additional SIT Objective]

A meaning given to that expression in Section T2.26 (Additional Systems Integration Testing).

The purpose of each round of Additional SIT shall be to demonstrate the SIT Objective as described in
Sections T2.2 and T2.3, but subject to the following variations (the SIT Objective as so varied being the ”
Additional SIT Objective”):

(a) the only variations pursuant to Section X (Transition) that will be taken into account in interpreting
the relevant Sections are those that will continue to apply following commencement of the
provision of the Services that are the subject of that round of Additional SIT; and
(b) the Additional SIT Objective shall not apply by reference to the document published from time to
time by the Secretary of State for the purpose of Section T2.3(b), but instead by reference to the

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