MP118 ‘Communications Hub Finance Charges’ Refinement Consultation (Closing Date: 1 June 2020)

MP118 ‘Communications Hub Finance Charges’ Refinement Consultation

The DCC is required to produce two invoices for all SEC Parties every month; as a result, tracking payments has proven burdensome. The DCC frequently has to reconcile payments which have been made in error, either because they have been made in the wrong amount or to the wrong accounts (i.e. the DCC’s invoices are paid to the Approved Finance Party (AFP) in error, which happens on a regular basis). The solution to the problem is a change to the drafting of SEC Sections J1.2 and J1.7 so that DCC is no longer obliged to bill Communications Hub Finance Charges under separate invoices. No business requirements need to be developed.

Who should respond?

  • Stakeholders
  • Those interested in DCC Charges

Related Documents

Please find the consultation document and response form here.

How to respond

Please email the completed response form to with the subject line ‘MP118 Refinement Consultation response’ by 5pm 1 June 2020.