SEC Newsletter – 5 October 2018

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Watch for: an updated Central Products List (CPL) New Entry Form

Individuals will be able to prepare submissions to add Device Models to the live CPL using Release 2.0 Technical Specification functionality. Changes will therefore be made to the New Entry form and CPL submissions, which will include additional values such as SMETS Version 3.0. We plan to make the submission form available ahead of Release 2.0 going live, in order to enable ‘pre-submission’ from 15 October 2018.


Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub Committee (TABASC) Updates:

The TABASC met on 20 September during which a range of topics were covered, including a presentation by the DCC and Ofgem about the development of the Central Switching Service (CSS) and DSP Registration Data Interface.

The meeting headlines can be found here.


Your view matters: Only one week remaining to complete the TABASC Effectiveness Review questionnaire

TABASC is required to review the effectiveness of the Technical Architecture, Business Architecture and the HAN requirements.  They need your help to inform whether or not further investigation is required.

Please note, only one questionnaire is required per organisation. If your organisation has not yet responded to the questionnaire, please do so by 12 October 2018. Please see the latest news item here for more information on the questionnaire and how to submit a response.


Reminder: submit your nominations for TABASC representatives for:

  • Three Large Supplier seats
  • One Small Supplier seat
  • One Gas Networks seat
  • One Other SEC Party seat

If you would like to nominate an individual please read the Invitation for TABASC Nominations and complete and return the form provided (in Annex B) to by Monday, 15 October 2018.


Coming soon: The Business Architecture Document containing Release 2.0 content

The Business Architecture Document (BAD) is available for all interested parties and describes the Business Architecture for SEC – the practical way that SEC parties and ultimately consumers, get the functionality described in the Technical Specifications. The current version is available to download here, and an updated version when Release 2.0 goes live will be available soon.

The current Technical Architecture Document, which sets out a representation of the End-to-End process, and the updated version, setting out changes that will be introduced when Release 2.0 goes live, are available to download on the SEC webpage.


Open Consultations

Parties’ views are being sought on these consultations:

Please send your responses to


Information about Change and Modifications

The SEC website contains a wide range of information about the progress of Modifications and also changes as a result of BEIS Designations. This includes:


Modifications Question Hour

The next Modifications Question Hour will be at 11am on Monday 8 October. Further information, including teleconference details, can be found here.


BEIS consultation on Release 2

BEIS has issued a consultation on changes needed for Release 2 go live, which include the introduction of Dual Band Communications Hubs (capable of operating at two frequencies allowing for better coverage) as well as changes to technical documentation. The planned date for Release 2 go live is 28 October. More details and the consultation documents are on the SEC website. The closing date for responses is 18 October.

SMETS1 end date

BEIS have published the outcome to their consultation on extending the SMETS1 end date. They have confirmed 5 December 2018 as the end date for SMETS1 smart meters and advanced meter installations, with a separate end date for pre-payment meter installations of 15 March 2019.





Meeting, Event or Deadline

8 October Modifications Question Hour
9 October Closing date for consultation on SECMP0061 ‘Enduring SEC Release Provisions’
9 October Deadline for Request for Information on data quality
10 October TAG meeting 47
10 October SSC Meeting 64
12 October Deadline to return TABASC Effectiveness Review responses
12 October SEC Panel Meeting 61
12 October SECCo Board Meeting 61
15 October Closing date for TABASC Nominations
16 October SMKI PMA Meeting 52
18 October TABASC Meeting 35
18 October Closing date for BEIS consultation on Release 2
23 October Operations Group Meeting 13
24 October TAG Meeting 48
24 October SSC Meeting 65
24 October Change Board Meeting 23


More information on SEC Panel and SEC Sub-Committees meetings and Modification Working Groups is available on the Calendar on the SECAS Website.


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