MP255 WAN issues during Smart Meter installations

Proposer Emslie Law (OVO)
Lead Analyst Ben Giblin
Date raised 14/11/2023
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date N/A
Latest update This modification has entered the Refinement Process. SECAS is working with the Proposer to build the business requirements before presenting the modification to the TABASC, SSC and OPSG.

What is the issue?

Currently, the SEC is drafted on the assumption that if the Communications Hub births, all other associated Devices are connected to the SMWAN and can be commissioned. The Proposer has experienced cases where only the Communications Hub connects to the SMWAN and there is insufficient SMWAN for all the other Install and Commission activities to take place. This means that although only the Communications Hub is connected to the SMWAN, the installation is still seen as successful.

Who is impacted?

Meter Installers

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section A 'Definitions and Interpretations'
SEC Appendix AC 'Inventory Enrolment and Decommissioning Procedures'

Modification documents

DP255 Modification Report v0.2
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No files
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No files
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