MP112 Setting the Privacy Assessment Assurance Status

Proposer Simon Crouch
Lead Analyst Bradley Baker
Date raised 28/01/2020
Implementation date 29 November 2020
Latest update This modification was implemented on 29 November 2020 as part of the November 2020 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

In SEC Section I2.32, there are four potential assurance statuses a Party may receive after completing their FPA. While the first two, ‘1. Approved’ and ‘2. Approved subject to’, are clear to understand, ‘3. Provisionally approved’ and 4. Deferred’ are thought to be less clear, and thus could result in a level of confusion for a Party seeking to complete their UEPT.

What is the solution?

The proposed solution is to amend two of the four assurances statuses that are assigned to a SEC Party upon completing the FPA. SEC Section I2.32 will be amended so that the status ‘Provisionally approved’ will be changed to ‘Deferred’, and the status ‘Deferred’ will be changed to ‘Rejected’. This will offer a more accurate reflection of the situation than what is currently stated in the SEC.
Furthermore, there will be a change to the current process where, when a Party is set the status of ‘Rejected’ (‘Deferred’ under current drafting), a second FPA will be undertaken as the SSC feel this is more appropriate. This will provide assurances to all Parties and the SCC that deficiencies have been identified and are under review.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Networks Parties
Other SEC Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section I 'Data Privacy'


28 Jan 2020
Draft Proposal raised
13 Mar 2020
Converted to Modification Proposal
17 Mar 2020
07 Apr 2020
Modification Report Consultation
22 Apr 2020
Approved by Change Board

Modification documents

MP112 Conclusions Report
MP112 Legal Text
MP112 Modification Report Consultation
MP112 Modification Report
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