MP105 Sending SR11.2 to Devices in Suspended State

Proposer Chun Chen
Lead Analyst Joe Hehir
Date raised 18/12/2019
Implementation date 4 November 2021
Latest update This modification was implemented on 4 November 2021 as part of the November 2021 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

When firmware is successfully activated on a Device, sometimes the corresponding Service Request 11.3 ‘Activate Firmware’ does not generate a response to the Data Services Provider (DSP). Consequently, the new firmware version is not updated in the Smart Metering Inventory (SMI) and the Device remains in a ‘Suspended’ state, even though the new firmware has been successfully activated. This means the Device is not fully operational.

Some Supplier systems will automatically re-send SR11.3 to get a response in this scenario. However, if it returns a response with a new firmware version, it will not update the status of the Device as the firmware is already activated. Currently the DSP only updates the firmware version in the SMI if the response is ‘success’.

What is the solution?

The Proposed Solution is to add SR11.2 ‘Read Firmware Version’ to the exception list for the E5 ‘Failed Authorisation – Invalid Device Status’ authorisation check. This would allow the DCC Service User to read the new firmware version on the Device whilst ‘Suspended’ and subsequently update this information in the SMI based on the SR11.2 response. In addition, the response to a Service User’s automated re-attempt of SR11.3 will be used to update the SMI with the new firmware version and subsequently the status of the Device. Both cases would result in the Device status being restored to the status it held immediately prior to its suspension.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers

What SEC documents are affected?

Appendix AD 'DCC User Interface Specification'


18 Dec 2019
Draft Proposal raised
17 Jan 2020
Converted to Modification Proposal
06 Apr 2020
04 May 2020
First DCC Preliminary Assessment
27 May 2020
Update provided to the SSC
03 Jun 2020
Working Group meeting
17 Jul 2020
27 Aug 2020
Second DCC Preliminary Assessment
14 Sep 2020
02 Oct 2020
27 Oct 2020
13 Jan 2021
DCC Impact Assessment
04 Feb 2021
Update provided to the TABASC
12 Feb 2021
Modification Report approved by the Panel
15 Feb 2021
05 Mar 2021
24 Mar 2021
Change Board vote

Modification documents

MP105 Conclusions Report v1.0
MP105 Modification Report Consultation
MP105 legal text v1.0
MP105 DCC Impact Assessment
MP105 Refinement Consultation responses
MP105 Refinement Consultation
MP105 second Preliminary Assessment
MP105 Business Requirements v1.1
MP105 June 2020 Working Group summary
MP105 first Preliminary Assessment v1.0
MP105 Modification Report v1.0 (Final)
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