SEC Panel Draft Budget 2020 – 2023 Consultation

2 January 2020

During January of each year the SEC Panel prepare and circulate to all Parties a Draft Budget for the next three Regulatory Years.

Over the last two months, the Panel Finance and Contracts sub-group (PFCG) and the SEC Panel have collaboratively prepared and refined the attached Draft Budget covering Regulatory Years 2020/23.

Following SEC Panel approval at their meeting on 13 December 2019, the SEC Draft Budget 2020 – 2023 has now been published to CodeWorks for consultation. The link to the Draft Budget document on Codeworks and a letter inviting SEC Parties to comment can be found below.

How do I respond?

We invite SEC Parties to respond to the budget consultation by 5pm on Friday, 31 January 2020.
Comments can be made directly on CodeWorks, giving you the ability to comment on a particular paragraph, and/or the whole document.  If you do not already have access to CodeWorks, you can register here.

We hope that you will experience the benefits of being able to provide your comments on CodeWorks as it will mean that:

  1. No need to write lengthy/formal responses – simply read the document and comment where/if you want.
  2. You will get a response to any comments near real time – you won’t have to wait for the consultation to end before receiving a response.
  3. You can see other people’s comments as they appear – if someone has made a point you were going to, you can comment in agreement rather than repeating the same point in a lengthy consultation response.

Our Party Support Team are available to guide you through the online platform, so if you have any questions about CodeWorks please contact

Following the end of this consultation, the Panel will consider comments from Parties, and amend the Draft Budget in line with any comments, if required.


SEC Panel Draft Budget 2020-2023

Budget Consultation Letter