Publication of BEIS CAD testing and pairing document

4 October 2018

The smart metering roll-out in Great Britain will create an unprecedented new platform for innovation in energy data.

The Government’s vision is for data not only to be accessed remotely via the Data Communications Company (DCC) but also that consumers can access data from their smart meter locally via devices, known as Consumer Access Devices (CAD), connected to the Home Area Network (HAN).

The document below provides a set of principles aimed at clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the different relevant parties in the testing and pairing of CADs. It is focused on pairing CADs with SMETS1 meters, where certain industry parties were keen to have further guidance.

They are a suggestion, based on discussion with industry, of how industry processes could be executed. Parties are encouraged to use these principles as a starting point for defining their own processes and for developing industry good practice.

This note is intended to support energy suppliers, CAD providers, smart meter system operators (SMSOs) and meter manufacturers. It is relevant for both enrolled and unenrolled SMETS1 systems.

Publication of BEIS CAD testing and pairing document