Privacy Controls Framework Version 2.3 Published

15 February 2019

On the 15 February 2019 the SEC Panel approved the Privacy Controls Framework Version 2.3 for publication.

Both the clean and tracked changed version can be found on our website here. The updates have been made to reflect recent discussions at the SEC Panel with suggested routes to compliance being updated.

  • We have amended I1.3 to ensure that the guidance is aligned with that of I1.2 – a privacy notification statement being provided to the Energy Consumer as part of the process of obtaining their consent, is something the IPA would expect to observe if an Other User expects to utilise a ‘Join Service’ or ‘Unjoin Service’ Service Request (respectively to join a Type 2 Device to, or unjoin it from, any Smart Meter or Device Associated with a Smart Meter); and
  • An addition to I1.5 provides clarification to Users on how to achieve compliance with Principle 1 – verification of the link between the person from whom consent is being sought and the relevant consumer premises.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.