Operational Metrics Review Report – have your say!

12 March 2020

If you have an interest in the metrics used to measure the DCC service, then now is the chance to have your say.  Having listened to feedback from industry, the Operations Sub-Group (OPSG) commissioned a review to identify improvements in the metrics used to measure the DCC service.

Some of the issues identified with the current reporting include:

  • Instances where the reported performance is contradictory to the operational experience of Users
  • Instances where the reported metrics, although correct, do not appear to reflect the impact of performance issues on Users
  • Gaps in reporting whereby important aspects of operational performance are not being addressed by the current set of metrics.

SECAS has engaged with subject matter experts and industry to review and recommend improvements to the reporting moving forward, and the draft report is here. We welcome your feedback so that this can be incorporated into the Final Report, which will be presented to SEC Panel at its April meeting.

Please respond with your comments by Friday 27 March.

OPSG Operational Metrics Review Report