New DCC Guidance Note: Use of Communications Hubs (CHs)

4 August 2021

A new Guidance Document, which can be downloaded here, has been created to provide information and direction on Communications Hub related issues to DCC customers. Modelled on the DCC Users Interface Specification (DUIS) approach (an existing document covering DUIS), items are presented to DRF and/or TSIRS for visibility and approval. Items for inclusion are found through testing, observation or have been raised in Industry Forums, and are identified as addressing a salient issue that needs additional coverage to describe an aspect of the CH workings.

It aims to provide a short, educational overview on pertinent issues within the system, and forms part of the DCC’s goals for customer engagement by establishing repeatable, work package-based processes and outputs in the areas of Design Architecture, Devices & Products.

The first release includes two guidance sections:

  • CH Timing Management: It incorporates the information shared previously in TSIRS on how the CHs manage time plus the mechanisms to verify time drift in CHs and meters.
  • Improved usage of Synchronise Clock (SRV6.11 and SRV8.1.1): It includes a view into how to succeed in setting time in meters.

If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.