New Central Products List (CPL) Tool Spreadsheet and Guidance Notes

4 November 2021

SECAS has released a new version of the Central Products List (CPL) spreadsheet, version 2.000, which contains a validation macro to help you ensure that your SMETS1 (for the DCC) and SMETS2+ Device submissions are all validated before sending them to SECAS. The validation macro automates part of the CPL process, reducing the risk of manual error and the time required to both submit and process a new CPL submission.

The macro will help you choose the correct options for your Device, and will allow you to automatically check that the submitted data is all valid. The latest version of the CPL spreadsheet (containing the CPL Tool validation macro) can be downloaded from the usual link here. When downloading the spreadsheet, please save it as a .xlsm file to enable the validation macro.

For SMETS2+ submissions, you are encouraged to provide your Zigbee Band information in the Manufacturer Image Descriptor field of the CPL – New entry worksheet.

All future SMETS1 and SMETS2+ CPL submissions should be sent to SECAS using the CPL – New Entry worksheet in the new CPL spreadsheet.

For more information, please find the new CPL Guidance Notes here which explain how to use the validation macro when providing CPL Device submissions to SECAS.

If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.