Government response to the March 2018 consultation on regulatory changes to enable provision of a SMETS1 Service by the DCC

4 June 2018

On 27th March, BEIS issued a consultation letter to Ofgem, the SEC Panel, SEC Parties and other interested parties seeking views on proposals to amend the SEC, the DCC Licence and energy supply licences to enable the provision of a SMETS1 Service by the DCC.

Following consideration of stakeholder responses, BEIS has now published its conclusions here and has laid the regulatory changes before Parliament in line with the procedure under section 89 of the Energy Act 2008. Subject to no objection being raised during the 40-day laying period, BEIS expects to bring the relevant modifications to the SEC, DCC Licence and energy supply licences into effect in July 2018. The Government response and associated documents can be found below:

Additionally, copies of the documents that have been laid before Parliament can be found below:

The Government will respond separately to the recently closed consultations on the enrolment of SMETS1 meter cohorts with the DCC, and maximising interoperability for SMETS1 meters.