Determining the User Security Assessment Type – SMETS1

26 September 2019

With the Enrolment of SMETS1 Devices to the DCC, meters are making their way onto the Eligible Products Combinations List and Central Products List. This has lead Users to question how and when SMETS1 Devices will be taken into account, for their User Security Assessments.

SECAS will be using data from the Smart Metering Inventory to assess the total number of enrolled SMETS1 and SMETS2 Devices for which the User is responsible (irrespective of DUIS version). SECAS can then advise the User of the correct assessment type. The assessment frequency table can be found in the Security Controls Framework (SCF) Part 1 – section 4.3.

Subsequent updates will be included in the SCF and SEC Parties will be notified accordingly.