BEIS approval of SMETS1 Device Model Combinations to the Eligible Product Combination List for DCC SMETS1 Services

11 May 2020

On 7 May 2020, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) approved the addition of the next Device Model Combinations (DMCs) to the SMETS1 Eligible Product Combination List (EPCL).

This includes the addition of further Itron and Elster DMCs. The addition of these new DMCs will enable the migration of these Devices to the Data Communications Company (DCC) System and use of SMETS1 services by DCC Users.

The BEIS approval letter can be found here.


EPCL Report 2 – DMCT Tranche 1 v1.0 – Corrections to Annex A

The DCC have since established that the EPCL report contained errors in the EPCL entries listed in Annex A of the report. Specifically, incorrect values were specified for the CPL_hardware_version.version and CPL_hardware_version.revision fields of the PPMID specification in EPCL entries 000021 and 000022. As a result of this, EPCL entries 000021 and 000022 were not added to the EPCL and no migrations occurred in relation to these EPCL entries.

Pursuant to clause 3.7 of the Smart Energy Code (SEC) SMETS1 Transition and Migration Approach Document, the DCC notified the Secretary of State of the errors and corrections on 21 May 2020. The Secretary of State directed the DCC to promptly correct the errors on the EPCL entries 000021 and 000022 and the DCC has since corrected the errors.

The DCC correction letter can be found here.