S1SPKI Certification PracticeStatement

Has the meaning given to that expression in Section L14.9 (The S1SPKI
Certification Practice Statement).

The DCC shall establish, give effect to, maintain and comply with one or more documents, each of
which shall be known as an “S1SPKI Certification Practice Statement” (or “S1SPKI CPS”), so that there
shall be an S1SPKI CPS in respect of each S1SPKI CP
L14.10 Each S1SPKI CPS shall be a document which:
(a) sets out the policies and procedures of the DCC designed to ensure that it will comply with the
requirements of the related S1SPKI Certificate Policy;
(b) incorporates the detailed operating procedures to be used by the DCC for the purposes of its
compliance with the requirements of that Policy;
(c) incorporates such other provisions as may be required by or in accordance with that Policy or any
other part of the Code; and
(d) has been reviewed by the SMKI PMA and either approved by it or not rejected (whether or not
following the making of such amendments as may be directed by the SMKI PMA) in accordance
with the provisions of Section L14.11(b).

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