MP078 Incorporation of multiple Issue Resolution Proposals into the SEC - Part 2

Proposer Simon Trivella
Lead Analyst Khaleda Hussain
Date raised 10/07/2019
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update The Change Board approved MP078 on 24 March 2021 for a DCC Impact Assessment request. SECAS are working alongside the TABASC in order to build a cost benefit analysis to help support the business case for MP078.

What is the issue?

MP078 contains three Issue Resolution Proposals (IRP) 550, 603 and 604. IRP 550 relates to message GCS20r which is sent from the Gas Smart Metering Equipment (GSME) to the Communications Hub. The issue is there are no instructions in the Technical Specification (GBCS) on what response the GSME should give if it cannot send the information (for instance if it does not have the data). IRP 604 has resulted from a typographical error in IRP 550. IRP 603 relates to IHDs, PPMIDs and CADs on the Home Area Network (HAN) can request security log information from the GSME or ESME and can display this information to the consumer. The issue for IRP 603 is the consumer could view the security log information, which could be a security risk.

What is the solution?

When discussing the issue Identified in an IRP, TSIRS will identify the changes needed to the Technical Specifications documents required to resolve the issue. These changes can be found in the IRPs which are embedded in the Modification Report.

What SEC documents are affected?

Schedule 8 'GB Companion Specification'
Schedule 9 ‘Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications 2’
Schedule 10 ‘Communications Hub Technical Specifications’
Schedule 11 ‘Technical Specifications Applicability Tables’


10 Jul 2019
Draft Proposal raised
09 Aug 2019
DP converted to MP
30 Aug 2019
Submit DCC PA request
25 Nov 2020
Present to Change Board
24 Mar 2021
Present to Change Board
24 Mar 2021
DCC Impact Assessment requested

Modification documents

MP078 Modification Report
MP078 Refinement Consultation
MP078 Revised DCC Preliminary Assessment
MP078 business requirements
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