DP152 Consumption on Smart Polyphase Electricity Meters

Proposer Carl Skerritt
Lead Analyst Alison Beard
Date raised 29/01/2021
StageDevelopment Stage
Implementation date TBC
Latest update SECAS, the Proposer and TABASC are liaising on the next steps.

What is the issue?

Polyphase meters are electrical meters used for measuring three phase electricity supply. Polyphase meters are sometimes used in scenarios where each phase is used for a specific purpose e.g. for heating and/or Electric Vehicle charging. Currently smart polyphase meters only provide profile consumption data as a combined value across the three phases. Therefore, the tariffs offered to those consumers who have polyphase metering equipment is applied to the cumulative consumption of all three phases combined, rather than individual phase data. Although, some electricity meters support the measurement of each phase, the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and DCC systems do not currently support functionality that would allow the individual phase data to be retrieved.


23 Jan 2021
Discussed at Change-Sub-Committee
29 Jan 2021
Draft Proposal Raised
23 Feb 2021
Modification discussed at Change-Sub-Committee

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DP152 Consumption on Smart Polyphase Electricity Meters
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