SECMP0044 User Security Assessment of a Shared Resource

Proposer Gordon Hextall
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 18/12/2017
Implementation date 22/08/2018
Latest update This Modification was implemented on 22 August 2018

What is the issue?

This modification seeks to improve the User Security Assessment process where a User has engaged a Shared Resource to provide the User System on their behalf.

What is the solution?

This modification seeks to make changes to the User Security Assessment process to improve efficiency and lower the impact on SEC Parties, Shared Resource Providers, the User CIO, SECAS and the SSC.

Who is impacted?

This Modification will impact Large and Small Suppliers, Electricity Networks, Gas Networks and Other SEC Parties.

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section G 'Security'

Modification documents

SECMP0044 Final Modification Report
SECMP0044 Decision Document
SECMP0044 Decision Document
SECMP0044 Modification Report Consultation Responses
SECMP0044 - Working Group Consultation
SECMP0044- Initial Modification Report
SECMP0044 - Modification Proposal Form
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No files
No files
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