MP107 SMETS1 Validation of SRV 6.15.1

Proposer Gemma Slaney
Lead Analyst Khaleda Hussain
Date raised 13/01/2020
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Not yet determined
Latest update The Change Board approved MP107 on 25 November 2020 for a DCC Impact Assessment request. SECAS have issued out the request to the DCC accordingly. The IA is in progress with Service Providers.

What is the issue?

To send a Critical Command to a SMETS1 Device, the user must be the owner of the relevant certificate on the Device and the owner of the Device in the RDP data. If a Network Operator updates the Network Operator Certificate with another in error, this error cannot be corrected.

The full issue can be found in the Modification Report can be found here.

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What is the solution?

This modification will remove a validation step for Service Reference Variant (SRV) 6.15.1 ‘Update Security Credentials (KRP)’ which will allow any errors to be corrected.

What SEC documents are affected?

Appendix AB ‘Service Request Processing Document’


13 Jan 2020
Draft Proposal Raised
20 Apr 2020
DCC Preliminary Assessment requested
05 Aug 2020
Present to Working Group for discussion
14 Sep 2020
Modification submitted for RC on 14 September 2020.
25 Nov 2020
Present to Change Board
25 Nov 2020
DCC Impact Assessment requested

Modification documents

MP107 Modification Report v0.4
MP107 Refinement Consultation Responses
MP107 Refinement Consultation
DP107 Modification Report
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