MP137 Sharing information on Defects and Issues

Proposer Ralph Baxter
Lead Analyst Khaleda Hussain
Date raised 20/07/2020
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update This Draft Proposal was converted to a Modification Proposal on 11 September 2020. It is now in refinement. We are working with the Proposer to identify a solution and will be discussed at the November Working Group meeting.

What is the issue?

Due to the current arrangements, there is no current methodology or approach for the DCC or SEC Parties to access, share and understand defects that relate to specific Devices or Device Model Combinations (except Communication Hubs). Consequently, it is not possible for SEC Parties to easily share knowledge about the behaviour of Devices when paired in various combinations which means that information is siloed and limits the industry in the provision of workarounds or fixes.


20 Jul 2020
Draft Proposal Raised
28 Jul 2020
Draft Proposal discussed with Change Sub-Committee
25 Aug 2020
Present update to Change Sub-Committee
25 Aug 2020
CSC agreed to proceed the DP to Refinement Consultation
11 Sep 2020
Draft Proposal to be presented to Panel

Modification documents

DP137 Modification Report
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