SECMP0032 Prioritising Prepayment Customers in No WAN Situations

Proposer Andy Knowles
Lead Analyst Joe Hehir
Date raised 20/02/2017
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update Following the receipt of the DCC Preliminary Assessment, this modification has been put on hold pending the Proposers decision on how to proceed.

What is the issue?

Under current arrangements the Proposer has indicated that in ‘no Smart Metering Wide Area Network (SM WAN)’ situations, prepayment customers may have to use Unique Transaction Reference Numbers (UTRNs) for up to three months and/or be billed by the supplier (depending on whether the tariff default on the meter reflects the agreed tariff). This will negatively impact prepayment customers’ experience due to the supplier not being able to interact with the meter through DCC Services.

What is the solution?

This Modification Proposal seeks to introduce a requirement on the DCC to prioritise pre-payment customers in no SM WAN situations and to reduce the time frame to achieve SM WAN coverage to 30 days for areas where there are pre-payment customers. This modification also seeks to introduce a mechanism for Suppliers to inform the DCC that there is a customer signed up to a pre-payment contract at a certain location.

Who is impacted?

Supplier Parties


Modification documents

Issue SEC0009/SECMP0032/SECMP0038 October 2018 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0032 Preliminary Assessment
0808_SECMP0032 - Meeting Headlines
SECMP0032 - Initial Modification Report
SECMP0032 - Modification Proposal
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No files
No files
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