SECMP0062 Northbound Application Traffic Management - Alert Storm Protection

Proposer Graeme Liggett
Lead Analyst Harry Jones
Date raised 27/09/2018
Implementation date Part 1 June 2020 SEC Release - Part 2 Nov 2020
Latest update Part 1 of the solution was implemented on 6 May 2020 (June 2020 SEC Release). Part 2 will be implemented on 5 November 2020 (November 2020 SEC Release).

What is the issue?

This modification proposes to enable the implementation of a traffic management solution to protect the DCC system and Service Users against alert storms originating from a single device.

What is the solution?

The proposed solution is to provide Alert Storm protection through a DCC designed mechanism which will count the number of Alerts originating from a specific Device within a defined time window. If the Device sends the same Alert above a pre-determined threshold value, the mechanism will discard excess Alerts from the Device and only forward one copy of that Alert in a designated period agreed by the DCC on to the intended Users.

Who is impacted?

Small Suppliers
Large Suppliers
Electricity Network Operators
Gas Network Operators
Other SEC Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section H 'DCC Services'
SEC Appendix AB 'Service Request Processing Document'
SEC Appendix AD 'DCC User Interface Specification'


27 Sep 2018
Modification Raised
12 Oct 2018
Initial Modification Report presented to Panel
29 Oct 2018
Working Group Meeting 1
15 Nov 2018
Working Group Meeting 2
11 Mar 2019
29 Mar 2019
Refinement Consultation
12 Jul 2019
Modification Report presented to Panel
22 Jul 2019
12 Aug 2019
Modification Report Consultation 1
21 Aug 2019
Modification presented to ChangeBoard
02 Oct 2019
Working Group Meeting 3
19 Nov 2019
Ad Hoc Working Group Meeting
13 Dec 2019
Modification Report presented to Panel
16 Dec 2019
Modification Report Consultation 2 issued
22 Jan 2020
Modification Report presented to Panel
29 Jan 2020
04 Feb 2020
Modification Report Consultation 3
07 Feb 2020
Change Board Vote

Modification documents

SECMP0062 Conclusions Report v1.0
SECMP0062 Third Modification Report Consultation responses
SECMP0062 Third Modification Report Consultation
SECMP0062 Second Modification Report Consultation responses
SECMP0062 Second Modification Report Consultation
SECMP0062 and SECMP0067 Nov 19 Working Group summary
SECMP0062 Modification Report Consultation responses
SEC Modcast - Discussing SECMP0062
SECMP0062 First Modification Report Consultation
SECMP0062 Working Group Consultation Responses
SECMP0062 Working Group Consultation
SECMP0062 Working Group Meeting 2 Summary
SECMP0062 Working Group Meeting 1 Summary
SECMP0062 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0062 - Modification Proposal Form
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