MP101 Large Gas Meter Displays

Proposer Emslie Law
Lead Analyst Joe Hehir
Date raised 12/12/2019
Implementation date 29/11/2020 (Nov 20 SEC Release)
Latest update This modification was implemented on 29 November 2020 as part of the November 2020 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

The implementation of SECMP0006 ‘Specifying the number of digits for device display’ resulted in amendments to the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications 2 (SMETS2) to standardise the number of digits used to display Consumption Registration on a User Interface.

The SMETS allows the use of Large Gas Meters at Domestic premises. However, some of the Large Gas Meters are unable to measure to thousandths of a metre cubed. Equally, due to the greater flow rate, they require more than the five most significant digits to meet the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) requirements. This means the current requirement in the SMETS to have only five digits before a decimal point conflicts with the MID requirement.

What is the solution?

This modification proposes to amend Section 4 of the SMETS, to make Large Gas Meters exempt from the User Interface requirements for consumption information.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Other SEC Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

Schedule 9 'Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications'


12 Dec 2019
Draft Proposal raised
14 Feb 2020
Converted to Modification Proposal
04 Mar 2020
Working Group meeting
17 Mar 2020
07 Apr 2020
Refinement Consultation
18 May 2020
08 Jun 2020
24 Jun 2020
Change Board vote

Modification documents

MP101 Conclusions Report v1.0
MP101 legal text v1.0
MP101 Modification Report Consultation responses
MP101 Modification Report Consultation
MP101 Refinement Consultation responses
MP101 Refinement Consultation
MP101 March 2020 Working Group summary
MP101 Modification Report v1.0
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