SECMP0048 Extension of SMETS gas Valve exemption to include Large Gas Meters installed at Domestic Premises

Proposer Simon Trivella
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 04/04/2018
Implementation date 08/11/2018
Latest update This modification was implemented on 8 November 2018.

What is the issue?

The U16 Large Gas Meter is a type of GSME (Gas Smart Metering Equipment) that is defined within the Gas Supply Standard Licence Conditions as a Gas Meter designed to operate with a maximum flow rate of greater than 11 cubic metres per hour. The number of non-domestic consumers that have, or require, a U16 Large Gas Meter is thought to be approximately 150,000. With most U16 Large Gas Meters being installed at non-domestic premises, and there being no requirement for those meters to contain a Valve, it is unlikely that a U16 Large Gas Meter will be developed that could be installed at domestic premises. Therefore an extension to the SMETS gas Valve exemption currently applying to non-domestic meters to include Large Gas Meters installed at domestic premises has been requested.

What is the solution?

The proposed solution is to seek an extension to the current Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) gas Valve exemption to cover any U16 Large Gas Meter installed at domestic premises.

Who is impacted?

Small Suppliers
Large Suppliers
Other SEC Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Schedule 9 'Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification'

Modification documents

Direction to change the implementation dates for SECMP0006, SECMP0008, SECMP0023 and SECMP0048
Request to change the implementation date for SECMP0006, SECMP0008 and SECMP0048
SECMP0048 Final Modification Report
SECMP0048 Decision Document
SECMP0048 Modification Report Consultation
SECMP0048 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0048 Proposal Form
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