SECMP 0030: Demand Management of DCC Systems

Date raised 04/01/2017 Modifications Path Path 2 – Authority Determination
Current stage Not Applicable Overall status Withdrawn
Refinement? Yes Urgent modification? No
Proposer name Graeme Liggett Proposer's organisation Smart DCC Ltd


Where network traffic approaches or exceeds the capacity of the DCC System, Users could experience fluctuations in system performance, extended round trip times or in extreme cases the system could fail.
This modification proposes to implement an enduring solution that protects the DCC System when aggregate demand cannot be satisfied simultaneously. This modification proposes establishing appropriate rules to enable the prioritisation of Service Requests and Service Responses across the DCC User Interface and the prioritisation by the DCC of Commands to be sent to Communications Hub Functions and Certificate Signing Request volumes in an equitable, fair and transparent way. Rules by which DCC will actively control Device Alert volumes should also be considered for inclusion in this modification process.

Proposed implementation timetable

Modification Proposal raised: 04 January 2017

Panel considers Initial Modification Report: 13 January 2017

Modification withdrawn: 19 December 2017

Implementation date



  • Modification Proposal Raised
  • Initial Modification Report
  • Refinement Process
  • Modification Report
  • Change Board Vote
  • Modification Decision
SECMP0030 - Modification Proposal Form v1.0
SECMP0030 - Attachment A - Draft Managing Demand Section - 9 June 2015
SECMP0030 - Initial Modification Report v1.0
SECMP0030_WG_01_2802 - Meeting Headlines
SECMP0030_WG_02_1010 - Final Meeting Headlines v1.0
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