MP138 DCC Service Testing in ETAD

Proposer Richard Collard
Lead Analyst Alison Beard
Date raised 27/07/2020
Implementation date 4 November 2021
Latest update This modification was implemented on 4 November 2021 as part of the November 2021 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

A recent review of interoperability on change commissioned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) included a recommendation to update the Smart Energy Code (SEC) testing approach documentation to include Device Manufacturer related Testing Services and to validate with industry to ensure that these services are fit for purpose. The initial SEC Appendix J ‘Enduring Testing Approach Document’ (ETAD) was designed to deliver support to DCC Users to qualify through entry process testing and to operate freely within the User Integration Testing (UIT) environment. The DCC has therefore been in discussion with industry, particularly Device Manufacturers, to help shape and test services that the DCC offer.

The DCC want to make it clear that they offer four services - GBCS for Industry (GFI), Wired ITCH, Interoperability and Innovation Events, and RF Noise Testing.

What is the solution?

DCC want to add these Testing Services to the ETAD. Whilst, additionally, charging arrangements are required for the Radio Frequency (RF) Noise Testing.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Device Manufacturers

What SEC documents are affected?

Section H 'DCC Services'
Section K 'Charging Methodology'
Schedule 7 'Specimen Enabling Services Agreement'
Appendix J 'Enduring Testing Approach Document'


27 Jul 2020
Draft Proposal Raised
25 Aug 2020
Presented for initial discussion at the Change Sub-Committee
11 Sep 2020
Converted to Modification Proposal
16 Oct 2020
Discussed at Working Group
24 Feb 2021
Discussed at TAG
31 Mar 2021
Discussed at TAG
07 Apr 2021
Discussed at Working Group
17 May 2021
07 Jun 2021
Refinement Consultation
18 Jun 2021
Modification Report presented to Panel

Modification documents

MP138 Conclusions Report
MP138 Modification Report Consultation
MP138 Refinement Consultation responses
DCC GFI Provisions and Allocation Policy
MP138 Legal Text
MP138 Refinement Consultation
MP138 Working Group Summary
MP138 Modification Report v1.0 (Final)
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