MP124 Consequential changes to DUIS and MMC

Proposer Gary Bailey
Lead Analyst Harry Jones
Date raised 04/05/2020
Implementation date 29 November 2020
Latest update This modification was implemented on 29 November 2020 as part of the November 2020 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

This modification consists of consequential changes arising from two modifications already approved. These parts of the legal text were not available when the modifications were approved. This is because the detailed design of the solutions were finalised following approval of the change. The two affected modifications are SECMP0062 and MP093.

What is the solution?

The Proposed Solution is to make a consequential change to the versions of DUIS and the MMC being implemented in the November 2020 SEC Release. The SECMP0062 change includes updating a SMETS1 table to include two new data items. The MP093 changes require updating descriptions of data items and response codes to maintain consistency, adding use case information to a GBCS table in DUIS and amending a Device Security data item in the MMC.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Gas Network Parties
Electricity Network Parties
Other SEC Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Appendix AD 'DCC User Interface Specification'
SEC Appendix AF 'Message Mapping Catalogue'


04 May 2020
Draft Proposal Raised

Modification documents

MP124 Conclusions Report
MP124 Modification Report Consultation responses
MP124 Modification Report Consultation
MP124 Modification Report v1.0
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