SECMP0034 Changes to the SEC Section D for DCC analysis provisions

Proposer British Gas
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 05/04/2017
Implementation date 01/11/2018
Latest update This modification was implemented on 1 November 2018

What is the issue?

Currently, the Smart Energy Code (SEC) does not recognise the Data Communications Company’s (DCCs) Preliminary Assessment (PA) and Impact Assessment (IA) processes. This Modification seeks to update SEC Section D ‘Modification Process’ to ensure:

  • The DCC PA and IA processes are recognised;

  • There are clear delivery timescales and/or methods for setting such timescales; and

  • Associated progress reporting to the SEC Panel.

What is the solution?

This modification seeks to define the processes associated with the DCC’s assessment of SEC Modification Proposals. The proposed solution developed by the Proposer and the WG introduces the following into the SEC:
• definitions associated with DCC Assessments;
• standard timescales for the delivery of DCC Assessments;
• processes associated with Urgent DCC Assessments;
• steps for requesting and submitting additional information to support DCC Assessments;
• steps for revising agreed DCC Assessment timescales;
• introduction of additional DCC reporting requirements; and
• additional reporting requirements for DCC Assessments in the DCC’s Targeted Service Levels.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

Section A - Definitions and Interpretation
Section D - Modification Process

Modification documents

SECMP0034 Decision Document
SECMP0034 Final Modification Report
SECMP0034 Modification Report Consultation Responses
SECMP0034 Modification Report Consultation
SECMP0034 Working Group Consultation Responses
SECMP0034 Working Group Consultation
SECMP0034 - Initial Modification Report
SECMP0034 - Modification Proposal Form
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