SECMP0058 Changes to the governance of the Self-Service Interface

Proposer Stephen Prior
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 02/08/2018
Implementation date 27/06/2019 (June 2019 SEC Release)
Latest update SECMP0058 was implemented on 27 June 2019 (June 2019 SEC Release).

What is the issue?

SEC Appendix AH currently sets out the detailed specifications and functionality for the SSI. This information is specified at a level of detail which is very prescriptive and, as a result, any change that a SEC Party wishes to make to the SSI but that impacts one of its Functional Components, requires a Modification Proposal to be raised and progressed. This governance mechanism isn’t the most appropriate form of governance for the SSI as it doesn’t allow for the level of flexibility required to make timely and cost-effective improvements to the SSI in order to improve User ability to access DCC services, which is undermining the usefulness of the SSI over time as the needs of Users change.

What is the solution?

This modification amends SEC Appendix AH ‘Self Service Interface Design Specification’ by removing the low-level detail and functional requirements and moving these to a new technical specification document titled the SSI Baseline Requirements Document. The SSI Baseline Requirements Document will not be subject to SEC Section D ‘Modification Process’. Instead, it will be a document owned and maintained by the DCC with approval of changes being made by the Panel or a delegated Sub-Committee. A new governance process will also be put in place outlining the step-by-step governance rules for managing improvements to the SSI, allowing for a more efficient SSI change process.

The SSI Change Governance Process can be found here.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

Section A ‘Definitions and interpretations’
Section H ‘DCC Services’
Appendix I ‘CH Installation and Maintenance Support’
Appendix T ‘DCCKI Interface Design Specification’
Appendix W ‘DCCKI Registration Authority Policies and Procedures’
Appendix AA ‘Threshold Anomaly Detection Procedures’
Appendix AH ‘Self Service Interface Design Specification’
Appendix AI ‘Self Service Interface Code of Connection’


02 Aug 2018
Modification Proposal raised
03 Sep 2018
Working Group meeting
03 Oct 2018
Working Group meeting
02 Nov 2018
23 Nov 2018
First Working Group Consultation
30 Nov 2018
Working Group meeting
16 Jan 2019
Working Group meeting
04 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019
Second Working Group Consultation
15 Mar 2019
Modification Report approved by the Panel
18 Mar 2019
18 Apr 2019
Modification Report Consultation
24 Apr 2019
Change Board vote
27 Jun 2019

Modification documents

SECMP0058 Change Board vote
SECMP0058 Modification Report
SECMP0058 Modification Report Consultation responses
SECMP0058 Modification Report Consultation
SECMP0058 second Working Group Consultation responses
SECMP0058 second Working Group Consultation
SECMP0058 January 2019 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0058 November 2018 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0058 first Working Group Consultation responses
SECMP0058 first Working Group Consultation
SECMP0058 October 2018 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0058 September 2018 Working Group meeting summary
SECMP0058 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0058 Modification Proposal
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