DP151 Amending Payment Terms for User CIO Invoices

Proposer Jane Wilson
Lead Analyst Khaleda Hussain
Date raised 29/01/2021
StageDevelopment Stage
Implementation date TBC
Latest update This Draft Proposal was presented to the Change Sub-Committee on 23 February 2021 for initial comment. It was recommended it stay in development stage to work on the issue and bring back to CSC for recommendation.

What is the issue?

To use the Data Communications Company (DCC) systems, all SEC Parties must undertake a User Security Assessment conducted by the User Competent Independent Organisation (CIO). Upon completion of a User Security Assessment, the DDC issue invoices to the respective Smart Energy Code (SEC) Parties allowing them five Working Days to pay, following receipt of such invoice. The invoice cost can range from between £5,000 to £45,000. This is a significant amount for smaller SEC Parties.
SEC Parties, especially Small Suppliers have raised concerns surrounding the cost incurred from the User CIO Assessments which are too high to pay at such short notice.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section J 'Charges'


29 Jan 2021
Draft Proposal Raised
23 Feb 2021
Present to Change Sub-Committee for Initial discussion
30 Mar 2021
Present to Change Sub-Committee for decision

Modification documents

DP151 Modification Report
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