SECMP0064 Alt HAN Co permission to seek access for Alt HAN Activities as a representative of energy suppliers

Proposer Paul Saker
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 04/10/2018
Implementation date 28 February 2019
Latest update This modification was implemented on 28 February 2019 as part of the February 2019 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

As part of delivering Alt HAN (Alternative Home Area Network) Activities, the Alt HAN Co's Operational Service Provider will need to undertake building surveys to enable assessment of suitability for different Alt HAN Solutions.

In order to access the buildings for the purposes of surveying for Alt HAN Activities, consent is required from the energy consumer or the relevant building manager/ landlord/ sponsor. It is not expected that energy consumers will be familiar with the Alt HAN Co brand, and this may hinder Alt HAN Co’s ability to deliver the required building surveys efficiently. It is more likely that the energy consumer will not consent to providing access to the Building Surveyor and this will have a significant impact on cost and timeframes for Alt HAN delivery. Enabling Alt HAN Co to act as a representative of the energy suppliers will ensure cost avoidance to energy suppliers in delivery of Alt HAN Activities.

What is the solution?

The Alt HAN Forum have formally agreed to allow Alt HAN Co (and its contractors) to request access to a consumer premise on behalf of all Relevant Supplier Parties. In order to enact the Forum’s decision, and for Alt HAN Co to ensure efficient delivery of Alt HAN Activities, it is proposed that the SEC is modified to specify that Alt HAN Co can act as a representative of the energy suppliers when seeking permission from the consumer to access the premises.

The SEC drafting requires the building surveyor to act in line with the Good Industry Practice, specified consumer protections measures, applicable laws and other instructions whilst on site.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

Section Z 'The Alt HAN Arrangements'


04 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018
IMR presented to Panel
12 Nov 2018
03 Dec 2018
Modification Report Consultation
19 Dec 2018
Change Board vote
25 Jan 2019
Authority decision
28 Feb 2019

Modification documents

SECMP0064 Authority Decision
SECMP0064 Modification Decision Document
SECMP0064 Final Modification Report
SECMP0064 - Modification Proposal Form (November)
SECMP0064 - Modification Proposal Form (October)
SECMP0064 Final Modification Report
SECMP0064 Modification Report Consultation Responses
SECMP0064 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0064 Modification Report Consultation
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