MP185 Additional controls to support the SoLR process

Proposer Karen Lee
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 12/10/2021
Implementation date ad-hoc Release 17 Nov 2021
Latest update On 16 November 2021 the Authority decided to approved this Modification. It was implemented on 17 November 2021.

What is the issue?

MP134A was implemented to provide protection for consumers in the event of a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) situation. The Solution is to allow the SMKI Policy Management Authority (PMA) to delay the revocation of the SMKI Certificates. This would allow a Shared Resource Provider (SRP), on instruction from Ofgem to put prepayment customers into a ‘safe mode’ where they would not lose supply if they ran out of credit.

The multiple SoLR events recently have demonstrated that the intent of MP134A is not able to be fully met by the current solution. It has been identified following a failing Supplier’s Licence being revoked, at the point a SoLR is appointed, the DCC currently transfer the Market Participant Identifiers (MPIDs) of the failed Supplier to the SoLR. At this point the SoLR would not have completed the Change of Supplier process and therefore would not be able to communicate with the meters. The transfer of the MPIDs results in any Service Requests sent by the SRP on behalf of the failed Supplier being rejected regardless of SMKI Certificate status.

What is the solution?

The Proposed Solution is to allow the SMKI PMA the authority to delay, where appropriate, the transfer of the MPIDs. The transfer of the MPIDs to the SoLR would need to be agreed with the SMKI PMA and DCC by the SoLR once they have an agreed set of information.

Who is impacted?

Shared Resource Providers

What SEC documents are affected?

Section A 'Definitions and Interpretation'
Section B 'Accession'
Section L 'Smart Metering Key Infrastructure and DCC Key Infrastructure'


12 Oct 2021
Proposal raised
15 Oct 2021
CSC agree to request Urgency
18 Oct 2021
Authority grant Urgency
19 Oct 2021
21 Oct 2021
Industry Consultation
26 Oct 2021
Presented to Change Sub-Committee
27 Oct 2021
Presented to Change Board
27 Oct 2021
Sent to Authority for decision
16 Nov 2021
Authority Decision to approve
17 Nov 2021

Modification documents

MP185 Authority Decision letter
MP185 Industry Consultation responses
MP185 legal text v0.3
MP185 Industry Consultation
MP185 Authority decision on Urgency
MP185 Modification Report v0.3
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