S1SPKM SEC Documents

Has the meaning given to that expression in Section L.14.4 (The S1SPKM SEC Documents).

For the purposes of this Section L14, the “SMETS1 Service Provider Key Management SEC Documents
” (or “S1SPKM SEC Documents”) means the provisions of the Code comprising:
(a) the following SEC Subsidiary Documents:
(i) each S1SPKI Certificate Policy;
(ii) each S1SPKI RAPP;
(iii) each SMETS1 Cryptographic Key Management Policy;
(iv) the SMKI Recovery Procedure;
(v) the S1SPKM Compliance Policy;
(b) the provisions of this Section L14; and
(c) every other provision of the Code which relates to the establishment, provision or use of any the
S1SPKI, or to any matters directly arising from or affecting the establishment, provision or use of
the S1SPKI.

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