Recoverable Costs

Expressed in Section C8.2 (SEC Costs and Expenses).

The costs and expenses capable of recovery under this Section C8 (the Recoverable Costs) shall be all
the reasonable costs and expenses incurred:
(a) subject to Section C8.3, by the Panel Members in their capacity as such (including in their capacity
as directors of SECCo);
(b) subject to Section C8.3, by those serving on Sub-Committees (but not, for the avoidance of doubt,
Working Groups) in their capacity as such;
(c) by SECCo under or in connection with this Code; or
(d) by SECCo under or in connection with contracts that SECCo has entered into in accordance with
this Code, including the contracts for:
(i) the appointment of the Code Administrator and the Secretariat;
(ii) the appointment of the Panel Chair;
(iii) the appointment of any person serving on a Sub-Committee expressly provided for in this Code
where that person is expressly stated to be remunerated; and
(iv) the appointment of advisers,
(in each case) provided that such costs or expenses are provided for in, or otherwise consistent with, an
Approved Budget.

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