Monthly Service Threshold

Has the meaning set out in the DCC User Interface Services Schedule.

The Monthly Service Metrics and Monthly Service Thresholds (referred to in Section H3.24 for reporting) are as set out in the table below.
These shall not apply in respect of SMETS1 Smart Metering Systems. Accordingly, SMETS1 Service Requests and SMETS1 Smart
Metering Systems shall be excluded from each of the calculations set out below.

By no later than the 10th Working Day following the end of each month, the DCC shall provide:
(a) each User with a report that sets out the number of Service Requests sent by that User during that
month (in total and broken down by reference to each Service listed in the DCC User Interface
Services Schedule), and comparing the actual numbers sent against the numbers most recently
forecast for the applicable month;
(b) each User with a report setting out the current value (calculated at the end of the previous month)
for every Monthly Service Metric for that User and a comparison of the current value against the
relevant Monthly Service Threshold;

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