Data Communications Company Security Assessment Response

Is defined in Section G9.7(b) (Data Communications Company Security Assessment Reports and Responses).

a “DCC Security Assessment Response” means a written response to a DCC Security Assessment
Report which is produced by the DCC, addresses the findings set out in the report and, where that
report specifies any instances of actual or potential non-compliance of the DCC with the obligations
referred to at Section G9.2(c):
(i) indicates whether the DCC accepts the relevant findings of the DCC Independent Security
Assurance Service Provider and, where it does not, explains why this is the case;
(ii) sets out any steps that the DCC has taken or proposes to take in order to remedy and/or
mitigate the actual or potential non-compliance specified in the DCC Security Assessment
Report; and
(iii) identifies a timetable

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