Charging Methodology

Means the methodology for determining the Charges, as set out in Section K (Charging Methodology).

This Section K constitutes the Charging Methodology that the DCC is required to have in force in
accordance with the DCC Licence.
K1.2 The Charges payable to the DCC by the other Parties from time to time are those Charges set out in the
Charging Statement at that time, which are payable in accordance with Section J.
K1.3 The DCC is obliged under the DCC Licence to prepare the Charging Statement in accordance with this
Charging Methodology.
K1.4 This Charging Methodology is subject to modification in accordance with Section D (Modification
Process), by reference to the Charging Objectives. This Section K is included in this Code in order to
allow for such modification. This Section K is not intended to, and does not, create any contractual
obligations between the Parties.
K1.5 This Charging Methodology provides for Fixed Charges, Fixed CH Charges, Fixed Alt HAN Charges,
Explicit Charges and Elective Charges. The methodology for calculating Fixed Charges differs before,
during, and after the UITMR Period (as set out in Sections K4, K5 and K6 respectively). The methodology
for calculating Fixed Alt HAN Charges differs during and after the UITMR Period (as set out in Sections
K5A and K6B respectively).
K1.6 The DCC shall act reasonably and in a manner consistent with the Charging Objectives in undertaking
all calculations and estimations required pursuant to this Charging Methodology.
K1.7 The expressions used in this Charging Methodology shall have the meanings given to them in Section

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