Q3) Given that the average elapsed time for a SEC Mod to be implemented is 305 days, does the Panel consider this to be fit for purpose?

Please see responses to Q1 and Q2.

The Panel recognises that the lead-time for some modifications to reach decision has been too long. Primary drivers behind this have been the duration of DCC Assessments and obtaining full DCC implementation costs, which have resulted in significant delays to decisions on some proposals. The Panel is working to ensure that the DCC reduces its timescales in line with the new SLAs introduced into the SEC in November 2018.

The Panel has been fully engaged and supportive of the initiatives SECAS has developed and implemented over the last 12 months, in order to streamline the SEC Modifications Process and ensure it provides an effective and efficient mechanism for change. These improvements are now beginning to realise benefits, with Panel Members providing positive feedback from their Party Categories on the new Development Stage.

The Panel will continue to monitor and drive improvements to the process to ensure that it is fit for purpose.