MP149 Effecting Changes to the Smart Energy Code efficiently (Closing Date: 2 July 2021)

MP149 Effecting Changes to the Smart Energy Code efficiently

Currently the parties that can raise a Draft Proposal to instigate changes to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) are limited. These constraints negatively impact the efficient progression of changes by:

  • limiting the Parties who can raise change to those who have sufficient resources;
  • impeding required changes being raised;
  • burdening certain Parties devote the time and effort that being a Proposer requires;
  • distorting the drivers of the Change process as only Parties with sufficient resources will raise changes;
  • requiring Proposers to make decisions where they are acting on behalf of others; and
  • adding inefficiencies into the process.

MP149 proposes to extend the provisions to raise Draft Proposals to SECAS, the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC), and the Alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) Forum. It will also remove the existing limitations to the SEC Panel. Additionally, MP149 will also extend this ability to certain other SEC Sub-Committees subject to the SEC Panel delegating them that responsibility within their terms of reference.

Who should respond?

  • Those interested in the SEC Modifications process.

Related Documents

Please find the consultation document here.

How to respond

Please use the response template and contact with the subject line ‘MP149 Effecting Changes to the Smart Energy Code efficiently consultation response’ by 5pm 2 July 2021.

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