MP121 Commissioning non-commissioned Devices after CoS (Closing Date: 2 July 2021)

MP121 Commissioning non-commissioned Devices after CoS

The DCC has a 90-day target to resolve Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to ‘reactive install and leave’ installations. The time taken to establish WAN connectivity to ‘proactive install and leave installations is likely to be even longer. These ‘install and leave’ processes and associated obligations are included in the energy Supply Licences. In addition, the Operational Licence conditions require Suppliers to ensure their Devices can communicate with the DCC once WAN is available.

As a result of these timescales there is a risk that the Consumer will change their energy Supplier before WAN connectivity has been established. In these circumstances the gaining Supplier is not currently able to commission the installed Devices.

The Proposed Solution is to make Device install codes available to gaining Suppliers of uncommissioned Devices, which prevents the Supplier having to replace the Device in order to provide smart functionality to the newly gained customer. The Supplier will be able to raise an incident via the DCC Self-Service Interface (SSI). The installing Supplier will be notified of the incident and must respond to within five Working Days with the install code for that specific Device. The obligation for the installing Supplier to respond to the SSI incident within five Working Days will be codified into the SEC.

The Alternative Solution also includes an obligation on an installing Supplier to respond to a request for install code within five working days. However, the process for the alternate solution would rely on email correspondence for the gaining Supplier to make the request and the installing Supplier to fulfil the obligation, rather than utilising the SSI.

Who should respond?

  • Large Suppliers
  • Small Suppliers
  • The DCC

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Please find the consultation document here.

How to respond

Please use the response template and contact with the subject line ‘MP121 Commissioning non-commissioned Devices after CoS consultation response’ by 5pm 2 July 2021.

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