MP116 Service Request Forecasting (Closing Date: 9 August 2021)

MP116 Service Request Forecasting

Currently, each quarter of the year, DCC Users must submit to the DCC an eight-month forecast of the number of Service Requests that the User anticipates sending. It is believed that each forecast takes an average of two days for each User to complete. These forecasts are intended to assist in managing demand on the DCC User Interface Services. The DCC has raised concern that the accuracy of the forecasts does not meet the level required to produce useful data that will improve the management of demand on the DCC User Interface Services.

Who should respond?

  • DCC Users
  • Supplier SEC Parties
  • Network SEC Parties
  • The DCC

Related Documents

Please find the consultation document here.

How to respond

Please use the response template and contact with the subject line ‘MP116 Service Request Forecasting consultation response’ by 5pm 9 August 2021.

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