Modification Report Consultation – MP115 ‘Changes to the NCSC Good Practice Guides’ (Closing Date: 11 May 2020)

MP115 ‘Changes to the NCSC Good Practice Guides’

A Smart Energy Code Administrator and Secretariat (SECAS) review of the SMKI Document Set has found that it contains several references to Good Practice Guides (GPGs) that have been discontinued and will not be replaced. The SMKI PMA wishes to address this by aligning the SEC with these changes and by making available authorised replacement SMKI PMA guidance.
In addition, the Proposer wishes to include provisions for updated or replacement standards, procedures and guidelines in relation to the SMKI Document Set in the SEC. This is also the case for the transitional periods for such documents.

Who should respond?

  • DCC

Related Documents

The consultation documents can be found here.

How to respond

Please send your responses to by 5pm on 11 May 2020.