DP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’ Joint SEC/SMDA Consultation (Closing Date: 22 May 2020)

DP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’ Joint SEC/SMDA Consultation

This is a joint Smart Energy Code (SEC) and Smart Meter Device Assurance (SMDA) consultation relating to the issues raised under SEC Draft Proposal DP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’.

This consultation is designed to review the funding mechanism of the SMDA Scheme, with the aim of establishing a fair and sustainable model to enable the Scheme to continue its vital work for the smart meter industry.

We invite you to respond to this consultation and welcome your responses to the questions set out in the Consultation document. To help us better understand your views, please provide rationale to support your responses.

Who should respond?

• Stakeholders
• Individuals interested in the SMDA Scheme.

Related Documents

Please find the DP111 SMDA Budget Amendments Consultation document and the DP111 Modification page.

How to respond

To help us process your response efficiently, please email your completed response form to either sec.change@gemserv.com or smdaso@gemserv.com with the subject line ‘DP111 SEC/SMDA Consultation response’ by 5pm on Friday 22 May 2020.