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34. How do I receive invitations to and register to attend SECAS webinars?

All SEC Parties can contact secas@gemserv.com to subscribe to the SEC Parties mailing list to be kept updated on all future SECAS webinars.

Links to upcoming SECAS webinars can be found here. Logged in SEC Parties can access the presentation slides and video recordings of previous webinars here.

If there are any topics which you believe should be presented at future webinars, please contact secas@gemserv.com.

33. How can I make sure that I am complying with the SEC Credit Cover obligations?

Please read the SECAS Credit Cover Guidance which provides an explanation of the SEC Credit Cover requirements in Plain English, and provides helpful worked examples. The SEC Credit Cover obligations are set out in SEC Section J3. It is important that your Party complies with these obligations to avoid entering into an Event of Default of the SEC. If you are unsure whether you are paying the right amount, you can contact the DCC Service Desk.

32. How do I submit an expense claim for attending a Panel or Sub-Committee meeting?

SECCo is able to reimburse reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. To make an expense claim, please complete the Sub-Committee Members Expense Form found here and send this to SECASFinance@gemserv.com and Louise Evans (louise.evans@gemserv.com). Please include scanned copies of your receipts.

Full details can be found in the SEC Panel Expenses Policy here.

31. How do I appoint an Alternate to attend the Panel or a Sub-Committee on my behalf?

Please email the Meeting Secretary on behalf of the relevant Sub-Committee or email SECAS@gemserv.com, noting that you wish to update your details and we will send you the relevant form.

30. When are the SEC Panel and Sub-Committee elections held?

The SEC Panel and each of its Sub-Committees have annual elections staggered across the year. An interim election is also arranged for the SEC Panel should any members leave the Panel within a term.

The term of office for members is set at 24 months to assist with maintaining knowledge within the Sub-Committee. This means an annual election will be held for half of the membership of each Sub-Committee each year.

If a new member joins a Sub-Committee after the date of the annual election, their term of office will be aligned with the nearest upcoming annual review.

SEC Parties can contact secas@gemserv.com to register to the SEC Parties mailing list to be informed of all future elections.

29. How do I become a member of the SEC Panel or one of its Sub-Committees?

The SEC Panel and each of its Sub-Committees have an annual election during which a call for nominations is issued for the current vacancies.

If you are interested in fulfilling a vacancy outside of this period, simply email SECAS@gemserv.com, expressing your interest in the chosen Panel / Sub-Committee and provide a short summary of your experience within the industry. The meeting secretary will then share this information with the applicable Panel / Sub-Committee Chair and will contact you to provide a nomination form.

SEC Parties can contact SECAS@gemserv.com to subscribe to the SEC Parties mailing list to keep them updated of any future elections.

28. How do I access secure Meeting Documentation?

All secure meeting documentation is stored on an Egress Secure workspace. When becoming a member of the SEC Panel or a Sub-Committee, SECAS will grant you relevant access upon creating an Egress account.

Logged in SEC Parties will be able to access Meeting Documentation categorised as GREEN.

27. Where can I find SEC Meeting details and associated documents?

All confirmed SEC meetings are scheduled on the Meetings Calendar.

Meeting documentation including meeting minutes are published on the individual calendar entries for specific meetings.

26. What is the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP)?

The Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) is a cross-Code document that aims to provide consistency in the approach and level of service provided by Code Administrators. It contains 14 principles to facilitate consistency and transparency in the Code Modification processes and protect the interests of smaller market participants and consumers. For more details, please see our CACoP webpage.

25. Who can I contact with any questions on or issues with a SEC Modification?

Please contact the Lead Analyst for the specific Modification on the Modifications webpage or email SEC.Change@gemserv.com.

If you believe that there are any issues concerning a Modification, please use the online Issue Submission Form to notify the SEC Change Team.